Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you looking for a new way to advertise your local services company?

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the the most effective forms of online marketing. It’s affordable, measurable and can be scaled quickly to meet any budget or campaign goals. You don’t need an army of employees or a huge budget to take advantage of this powerful tool. All you have to do is create a PPC account with us and we will handle everything from there!

We specialize in providing high-quality ads that are guaranteed to get results. Our team has years of experience in the industry so we know what works best when it comes time for your campaign launch. 

We like to keep things simple, so we’ve come up with a straightforward fee structure:

Our Basic PPC Campaign is a flat fee of $1750 (setup + management) for the first month and $950/month thereafter. Basic campaigns cover ad spend up to $10,000/month.

Our Advanced PPC Campaign is percentage based and is 15% of monthly ad spends over $10,000/month.

Minimum ad spend for most campaigns is $1000/month.


$950 / mo

For ad spends up to $5000/month

Keyword Research

Campaign Development

Landing Page Design and Implementation

Call Tracking Setup

Monthly Report


15% of Monthly Ad Spend

For ad spends of over $10,000/month

Keyword Research

Campaign Development

Landing Page Design and Implementation

Call Tracking Setup

Monthly Report

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to obtain sufficient data to adjust PPC campaigns we’ve found that spending insufficient amounts of money on an Adwords campaign leads to poor performance. $1000/month is the minimum ad spend that we will work with.

Of course! We setup an ad account for you and then merge it into our Google Ads Manager Account for ease of managing the account.

The account remains yours and you are charged your own ad spend directly onto your credit card, no middle man!

Short answer?


Google Adwords is definitely not a set-it-and-forget-it system. Campaigns must be constantly adjusted, bids must be continually tweaked, negative keywords added…the list goes on.

Here is the complete list of what is included in setup and monthly management of a PPC account:

  • Creating targeted Google search engine marketing campaigns with the specific purpose of only driving a high ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Creating multiple, highly targeted ad groups by analyzing the different products/services offered by the client.
  • Monitoring and adjusting bid strategies based on performance across ad groups and keywords.
  • Creating multiple effective ads for every ad group and tuning the ads for peak performance.
  • Analyzing your industry, understanding the end user needs/wants and creating effective ad copy from users pain points.
  • Adding ad group level keywords based off of raw search query conversion data.
  • Creating Adgroup level Negative Keywords.
  • Call tracking and call recording. Track calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign inbound phone calls.
  • Monitoring your Google AdWords PPC performance by analyzing Google Analytics conversion data so we can make better data based optimizations in order to further tune the search campaigns to run more efficiently.
  • Decreasing the CPL (cost per lead) while increasing the campaigns lead volume.
  • Implementing A/B multivariate testing and other conversion optimization tactics for clients landing pages.
  • Reducing client’s wasted ad spend by removing irrelevant keywords from the search query keywords, a continuous process of adding/removing positive and negative keywords.
  • Ad extension optimizations. Cut what is not converting, increase what is converting.
  • Improving CTR (Click-through-ratio) continuously.
  • Device bidding optimizations. Increase or decrease device bids based on whats converting and what is not.

Well, that depends…

Some industries simply do not have the scale or data required to properly build and tweak an adwords campaign.

Some industries may be better served by more visual ads such as Facebook or Instagram advertising.

Industries that typically work well for PPC campaigns are:

-Family Law
-Immigration Law
-Criminal Defense Law
-DUI Law
-Employment Law
-Wage and Hour Law
-Estate Planning Law
-Bankruptcy Law
-Real Estate Law
-House Cleaning
-Janitorial Services
-Commercial Cleaning
-Power Washing
-ENT Doctors
-Mold removal
-Roofing – Residential and Commercial
-HVAC – Residential and Commercial
-Plumbing – Residential and Commercial
-Asphalt Paving – Residential and Commercial
-Electrical Contractors
-Concrete installation and repair
-Epoxy flooring
-Polished concrete
-Party Bus
-Auto transport
-Tree Removal
-Lawn care
-Pest Removal
-Duct Cleaning
-Deck Building
-Drug and Alcohol Rehabs
-Garage door repair and installation
-Foundation Repair
-Excavation Contractors
-Water Damage
-Smoke Damage
-Mold Remediation
-Water Proofing
-Staffing services
-Nursing Homes
-Assisted Living Facilities

Don’t see your industry on the list? Doesn’t mean it isn’t a great fit! Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.  

Of course! This is very important when running a PPC campaign. Conversion tracking is essentially measuring an ad set against a specific goal such as phone calls, emails, online sales, etc. 

This is implemented into all of our campaigns.

No! We hate contracts too. If we are not doing our jobs you have the right to cancel our services at any time. 

We do require payment up front for services rendered however feel free to cancel at any time (we have a feeling you won’t though!).