About Us

Almost all of the members on the NerdySpider team have been involved in either building, buying or selling websites for over a decade

We have extensive knowledge as to what kinds of sites convert visitors into customers, we know first hand what will add value to a website (and what doesn’t!) and we understand what it takes to grow and scale an online presence. 

We are proud of our globally distributed team, and have some of the best web developers, project managers and designers in the business. All members on our team have proven themselves time and time again, and our team loves tackling problems other agencies shy away from.

Read a little more about our team members below and let us know how we can help improve your online presence.



Brian is our full stack senior software developer and has a BS with double honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is a published author, Laravel specialist and our “we-can’t-seem-to-fix-this-problem-can-you-take-care-of it” guy.



Layne has built, bought, and sold websites for close to a decade now. One of his first sites was an ecommerce site which scaled to over $1,000,000 in sales in just over a year. He manages a diverse portfolio of dozens of his own websites and is our main client liason.



Email service go down? Website hacked? Need a remote server set up? Need help navigating Cpanel? Matt is a veteran system administrator, top-notch communicator, and all around great guy. It seems there isn’t a network issue that Matt can’t tackle…



Jason is one of our top software engineers with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Proficient in PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby and more, Jason has a range of experience and talent that allows him to tackle some of our most complex projects



Danielle is a seasoned UI/UX designer and together with her design team has crafted some of the top apps in the world, including multiple large fintech and crypto sites. If you see Danielle without a smile on her face it probably isn’t Danielle!



Stanislau is truly a “Google Guru” with deep knowledge in setting up intricate Google Analytics and Tag Manager systems. He has a software engineer background and also has strong skills setting up pay-per-click advertising campaigns.



With a bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer science, Cromer is our resident WordPress and site security expert. Malware mayhem? Site Migrations? Email transfers? Cromer is the man.



John Paul is our data analyst and Excel guru, and has a knack for parsing large datasets, financial reporting, data scraping–pretty much anything related to data management. Rock solid reliability is his forte.



Bruno has over 13 years of experience in graphic design and advertising. He’s designed everything from infographics, to beautiful brand guides, to elaborate 3D models and images, and everything in between.