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Your website should work for you. And your customers.

A website should really be more than just a “pretty face”. It needs to capture leads, cater to your clients, generate sales, streamline processes–in short: grow your business

Scroll through some of these key features below, or browse some of our recently built sites on our portfolio page.

Lead Capture

A website should be a tool in your business toolbox, not just something that "sits" online. We build in lead capture technology that helps fill your sales funnel.

Ultra Fast

All of our sites are hosted on our custom configured servers for ultra-fast load times with almost no lag, ensuring that visitors won't leave due to slow page speeds.

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is important for any site, and especially for a new one. We follow best practices and set up basic SEO for every site we build.

Landing Pages

Driving paid traffic ad campaigns to your site? Don't pay for expensive monthly landing page software; use our free templates to configure any landing page you'd like!

Unlimited Pages

We don't place restrictions on the number of pages our customers want to add. Add as many pages as you'd like and drive more traffic to your website.

Get Paid

Serve your customers even better by accepting secure payments online. We can help integrate credit card or Paypal Payments right into your site.

Beautiful Design

A well designed webpage keeps your customers on your site and inspires confidence in your company. Let us help you plan the layout and design of your site to suit your brand.

Page Builder

Our customers told us it's important that they can quickly and easily make small changes to text, photos and more. We've integrated a drag and drop page builder to make it easy!

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Let us help you customize your website to integrate your favorite tools. Personalize your website’s call-to-action, forms and more and integrate with 100s of apps.

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It's time you were online. Let's work together to build you a site that works.

Are you a Bob?

The year was 1935. Or thereabouts.

“Bob” was a 45 year old heavily freckled man who worked out of a brand new building in one of the busiest areas of Manhattan. Hordes of customers flocked right past his building every day.

Inside of this building he hand-carved some of the most beautiful furniture in the world–true masterpieces

All Bob ever wanted to do was sell his beautiful furniture and earn an honest living

But business was absolutely terrible for Bob. 

In fact, Bob had a warehouse full of beautiful furniture, but not ONE customer. Nada. Zip.

Problem is, Bob had forgotten a few things that are essential for almost any business.

  • Bob never bothered to put up a sign.
  • Bob did not have his contact information listed anywhere.
  • When the odd customer did happen to find Bob’s building, Bob’s furniture was all over the place, a bit of a mess to be honest.
  • Bob never put a lock on his door, so from time to time Bob lost all his furniture to those that were less interested in earning an honest living.
  • Worst of all, Bob did not have a plan.

And (you guessed it) Bob went flat broke in 1936. Sad.  

Now fast-forward to 2021

Covid has round-house kicked the world in the head. 

Pretty much nobody goes to stores any more. EVERYONE does their shopping and research online, from the comfort of their home.

Are you like Bob? 

Do you have a great product, an incredible story to tell, a restaurant everyone should know about, a course that could help thousands–but you just are not getting the message out

You NEED a website, one that is:

  • well organized
  • meticulously planned and designed
  • secure from bots, spammers, and hackers
  • And (most importantly), provides value to your customers and generates revenue for your business.

I think you know what to do…

Or perhaps you are not like Bob at all, and you HAVE a plan, you KNOW you need to show everyone what you can offer them–you just don’t know how

  • Tired of struggling with the wide variety of web page builders available that just don’t quite hit the mark?
  • Want a beautiful site that matches your brand?
  • Don’t want to have to jump between different businesses to find your own logo designer, web developer, ecommerce experts, etc?
  • Don’t want to have to wait 3-5 months for a site to be developed?
  • Know that your website needs to be optimized for search engines like Google but not sure how to go about it?

You’ve come to the right people.

We’ve been working hard on improving our pricing and processes to make beautiful websites available to everyone, not just companies with giant marketing budgets

We are confident that we can build almost anything you need online, from small 5 page local business websites to giant ecommerce powerhouses doing millions in annual sales. 

We’d love to talk!

Man and money

3 reasons to work with NerdySpider

Excellent Communicators

Back when we started we found that any project that was "bumpy" was typically due to a lack of clear communication on our part. Since then we've made communication with our customers a top priority. It's just easier that way...

Happiness Guarantee

Yeah, yeah, everyone says they want happy customers but at NerdySpider we guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied with the site we build you, you don't pay a thing. Shouldn't it always be like that? We think so too.

We're Fast. Real Fast.

Customers get excited when they see progress being made. We understand the excitement and want to get your site "live" as soon as possible. Most projects are completed within a few weeks, with only the "fancy custom ones" taking a little longer.

Kathy H.
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"The website looks wonderful and we have had many great reviews. Nerdy Spider is very easy to work with and in a busy environment they were very patient. The pricing is fantastic as well which is usually a driving factor so if you want to get a new or redesign your current webpage I would highly recommend them and expect to have a long relationship between our companies"
Missy A.
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"Nerdy Spider is quick to respond to questions and does an over the top job at making sure our digital needs are met."
Sam D.
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"Layne and his team did a awesome job on our new website."